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A toolbar is a bar (hence the name) of buttons and options that allow you to quickly perform actions on different objects. There is a toolbar in each of the folders (explained later).

This is the Main Toolbar:

You may use this chart as a reference for these buttons.

Term/Icon Name/Alternate Text Action It Performs
Foler MenuFolder MenuDisplays the current folder and the number of unread/read messages.  Also allows you to change the current folder
New MessageNew MessageAllows you to write a new e-mail.
View FoldersFoldersAllows you to view, edit, delete, and create folders.
Address BookAddress BookOpens the address book for editing.
Mail Filter SetupMail FiltersAllows you to filter incoming e-mail.
Retrieve POP3 MailPOP 3Receives any e-mail that may have been sent to you during your session.
Advanced SearchAdvanced SearchPerforms a detailed search for a message.
RefreshRefreshReloads the current page.
Move to TrashMove to TrashMoves the selected message(s) to the trash.
CalendarCalendarOpens the Calendar, allowing you to make detailed daily notes.
User PreferencesUser PreferencesAllows you to alter and personalize your settings.
LogoutLogoutExits Open Webmail
Destination MenuDestination MenuMoves or Copies the selected messages to the selected destination folder.
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