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Comzyme Insurance & Financial System
In the ever changing insurance industry, companies are facing strategic and tactical threats to their business. By utilizing the leading technology, Comzyme Insurance & Financial System (CIFS) provides a comprehensive solution for insurance brokers and agencies to manage their business effectively. Comzyme Insurance & Financial System helps to simplify the tasks of maintaining policies and claims, managing cash flow, keeping track of the sales performance, and enabling cross selling by analyzing customers' behavior. Comzyme Insurance & Financial System helps you reducing the maintaining and operating costs in business, releasing your resources to focus on acquiring new clients, retaining existing clients and increasing the profit margins.

Comzyme Insurance & Financial System helps to improve risk assessment by enabling agents or sales to collect a comprehensive set of customer-specific underwriting data across all lines of business easily. Our solution enables them to make smarter decision at lower risk as it generates clear, end-to end data analysis to support critical strategic decisions.

Features Overview
Business Information Handling
Master Data Maintenance

Policy Maintenance
Renewal Maintenance
Claim Maintenance
Operation Assistant
Comzyme Financial & Insurance System (CIFS) kept the agent hierarchy handling different kind of complicated calculation of commission across different kind of insurance products. It is also the one-stop solution to handle your business from quotation to policy issuing, billing to settlement, endorsement to renewal and claims.
It also provides easy and friendly way of enquiry and information managing*. Operation Assistant facilities will remind operators for the collecting information or issuing document, such as reminding letters.
* For example you can find a policy record related to a car with a car register number or even body type or color, not limited to find only with name, HKID, phone or policy no.
Accounting and Tax
Billing and Settlement

General Journal

Tax Handling
Comzyme Insurance & Financial System is integrated with accounting module, which handling accounting transaction in the background while you issue debit/credit note and handling payment and receipts. Interface for general journal is also provided, that you may manage your whole company from business operation to accounting and tax handling (e.g. 56M), with just single Comzyme Insurance & Financial System.
Management and Business Analysis
Operational Reports

Management Analysis

Business Analysis
Preset operation reports are ready for you to keep track of your operation status.
Also with plenty of reports for management to analyze the business status and the performance and productivity of the agents, staffs and customers.
Your Choice You Business Solution


Ease and Friendly
Comzyme Insurance & Financial System is a total solution for insurance brokers and agencies, integrated with all necessary element for you business. It saves you from making duplicate input or transfer data to and from another system, such as another accounting system, in a more efficient and accurate way. With our specially designed interface and workflow we successfully cut time or event automated for information maintenance and enquiry processes.
Advanced Features
Management Control
Web Enable (ready)
Mobile Solution
Comzyme Insurance & Financial System is built with a very flexible architecture that enabling it to exchange data with other system and extends with more features which are seamlessly integrated with the core system.
Comzyme DataLink, an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) interface, is ready for exchange data between insurers and bank.
CARM, Customer and Agent Relation Management module is ready for marketing and selling of the prospect customer and catering for agents.
There are many more features for you to discover from Comzyme Insurance & Financial System.

Comzyme listens to what you need, provides professional advices and delivers excellent solutions. Let us be the strongest support of your business and let us grow with your business towards a more successful future.

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